These types of trees originated in Chile and Argentina with their ancestry going back 180 million years. It is quite likely the oldest plant in the world from which an alcoholic beverage was made. What tree is it?

The people of Uganda and Rwanda traditionally used ________ to make beer by treading on the fruit to extract juice.

This plant is made into an alcoholic beverage in Tanzania called ulanzi. It was originally discovered after locals observed birds flocking to tap the plant before appearing to fall asleep. What plant is it?

After primary and secondary fermentation, it is recommended that you let the beer ferment a couple of days at elevated temperatures from 60 to 65°F (16 to 18°C). This is needed to reduce the ______________ flavor that commonly comes through in pilsners.This particular root vegetable has been used in fermented beverages in Barbados, Brazil, and Japan. They’ve used the ________________ to make anything from beers to distilled spirits to wine. What is it?

In Spain and Portugal, the fruits from this type of tree are picked, mashed or submerged whole in water and fermented for three months. It is then boiled over a wood fire and distilled in a copper alembic still, with a pipe running through a barrel of water that serves as a condenser. The result is a high proof spirit, usually about 45% ABV. What tree is it?