All of the following ways are techniques used to help hops really shine, specifically when brewing a double IPA. Which of the following does not accentuate hops?

The _________ IPA appears to fall in the 10 to 12 percent ABV range with less than 8°L color and is intensely hoppy.

This particular style takes a delicate balance of early and late hopping to create a hop character that has both a fair amount of bitterness and a substantial late hop aroma. It is a common practice to ensure a traditional toasty and biscuity malt character with a crisp finish when brewing this style by using a yeast that finishes drier rather than sweeter. Which style is it?

A challenge in brewing this type of IPA is avoiding an excessively grassy and vegetal hop character since reduced alcohol affects how hop flavor is carried. Which style is it?

It can be challenging to marry hops well with the intense phenolic, spicy and fruity character of the yeast strain used in this style IPA. Which is it?

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